Don’t worry guys, this demigod is now officially back! And to make it up to you guys I’m now starting


Every Monday there should be at least 3 memes. Maybe more if I’m not feeling in a troll mood. *cough cough* RICK! *cough cough* But I will be posting a lot of memes today too. 🙂

From your fellow demigod,

-Daughter of Poseidon

Character of the Day…

Today’s character of the day is…

Butch! From the Iris cabin…

Yeah, so far he’s not very popular at all, but he did show up in the Lost Hero. He was the driver of the pegesai when Piper, Leo and Jason needed a lift. Not his decision of course. But hey, he works well with pegesai! *crowd cheers for pegesai*
Me: Sorry Butch. I tried.
Butch: *grunts*