Character of the Day…

Every day I will be posting a photo and I will star a character for the day (hopefully!). Today’s character is…




Annabeth Chase is a daughter of Athena with blonde hair and grey eyes. Her dream is to be an architect and while she’s not on quests, she’s giving Mt. Olympus (The Empire State Building) a makeover! She arrived at Camp Half-Blood at age 7 and has been there ever since. Her first crush was Luke Castellan, then Percy Jackson. Her current boyfriend is Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon. Her nickname is “Wise Girl” and she calls Percy “Seaweed Brain”. She single-handedly defeated her mother’s archenemy, Arachne, and saved her mother’s statue. Annabeth has a magical New York Yankees cap that makes the wearer invisible. Annabeth has been known to always have a plan and she and Percy survived Tartarus.

Let’s all give around of applause for Annabeth. *Everyone claps like crazy*


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